In 2011 a number of works were presented at the exhibition in the Museum of Russian Art in Prague. The exposed works were awarded by the award of the European Union of arts.

In 2009 Vlad Maslov won the first round of competition for the best monument to General Bagration in St.-Petersburg.

In 2006 – 2007 Vlad Maslov supervised over works on the reconstruction of bronze reliefs of the central portal for the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin in Omsk. The central relief – an icon of the Assumption of the Virgin – was created by the master.

In 2005 – the master creates a bust of Emperor Alexander I for 200th  anniversary of the historical St. Petersburg’s gymnasium № 2. The bust is installed on the front staircase of the gymnasium.  This masterpiece is brought in the register of the State City sculpture museum.

In 2005 – The Grand Prix at the international competition on a wooden sculpture, Estonia.

In 2005 – victory at the international competition on an ice sculpture, Finland.

In 1996 – – the first award at an exhibition of student’s works for the monument sketch “Fratricide”.