The creative biography of sculptor Vladislav Maslov.

Vladislav Maslov was born in 1968.

In 2000 Maslov graduated from the St.-Petersburg’s Academy of painting, sculpture and architecture of I.E.Repin, the workshop of  professor M.K. Anikushin and professor S.A. Kubasov.

Since 1993 Maslov participates in the art exhibitions in St.-Petersburg, Moscow, Pskov.

In 1996 Vladislav won the award at an exhibition of student’s works with the sketch of a monument “Fratricide”.

In 2005 Maslov was the winner of the international competition of an ice sculpture in Finland. In the same year he was awarded by Grand prix at the international competition of wooden sculptures in Estonia.

In 2003, for the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg, Vladislav Maslov’s workshop, using archival drawings, has created an exact miniature copy of the Cathedral of Christ’s Revival. The first copy of the masterpiece is in an exposition in the Cathedral, and the second is in the collection of the president of Russia.

Today Vladislav Maslov’s sculptures could be seen not only in museums and the best houses of St. Petersburg and Moscow, but all over the world.


In 2000 – 2005 a number of master’s works on historical subjects have been custom-made by orders of a private London art gallery. By request of the king of Jordan Abdally II a small collection of military horsemen has been created. This masterpieces occupy a place of honor in an art collection of the monarch.


Vladislav Maslov’s works are also in a private collection of film director and producer, George Lukas.

In 2005 for 200th  anniversary of the historical St. Petersburg’s gymnasium № 2 the master creates a bust of emperor Alexander I, under whose decree the grammar school has been based. The bust is installed on the front staircase of the gymnasium.  This masterpiece is brought in the register of the State museum of a city sculpture.

In 2005 by request of the St. Petersburg Artillery museum Vladislav Maslov created the miniature portrait of Michael Kalashnikov, the outstanding founder of the automatic weapon. The sculpture is presented in a constant exposition of the museum, and the first author’s copy has been solemnly transferred in gift to the great designer on solemn celebration of its 75-year-old anniversary.

In 2006 the master creates a sculptural composition to the G8 summit which took place in St. Petersburg. Statuettes of the presidents, gathered at a negotiating table, are created by the sculptor in the miniature technique. The first copy of the composition is in the personal collection of the President of the Russian Federation.

In 2006 – 2007 Vladislav Maslov supervised over works on a reconstruction of bronze reliefs of the central portal for the Cathedral of the assumption of the Virgin in Omsk. The central relief – an icon of the Assumption of the Virgin – was created by the master.

In 2009 Maslov wins the first round of competition for the best monument to General Bagration in St.-Petersburg.

In 2011 a number of works were presented at an exhibition in the Museum of Russian Art in Prague. The exposed works were awarded by the award of the European Union of arts.


Works of the master combine composite harmony, internal intensity and expressiveness, present and at the same time depth of domestic art school.