2012 – 2013 – participation in the anniversary exhibition “All Russia Remembers” in the St. Petersburg museum of a city sculpture (The Peter and Paul Fortress) with the sketch of a monument to general P. I. Bagration.

2011 – Exhibition in the Museum of Russian Art in Prague. The exposed works are awarded by the award of the European Union of arts “For a contribution to development of the modern art”.

2005 – Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany

2005 – By request of the St. Petersburg Artillery museum Vlad Maslov created the miniature portrait of Michael Kalashnikov, the outstanding founder of the automatic weapon. The sculpture is presented in a constant exposition of the museum, and the first author’s copy has been solemnly transferred in gift to the great designer on solemn celebration of its 75-year-old anniversary.

2005 – Opening of a memorable bust of the Emperor Alexander I in the historical building of the Second St. Petersburg gymnasium. The work is brought in the register of the State city sculpture museum.

2000 – 2005 – constant exhibitions in the private Art gallery in London.