Sculpture in bronze on order

The creative workshop was founded in 2001 and carries out a wide range of work including
interior sculpture, portraits (ranging miniatures to huge sizes), architectural and landscape sculptural solutions, bronze and marble interior decorations, exclusive gifts for individuals or companies, and unique, original works.

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The International Circus Award MASTER

The Annual International Circus Awards MASTER is an award for professional achievements in circus art.

Exhibition on the Peter and Paul fortress

In 2012 – 2013 the sketch of a monument to general P. I.Bagration was presented at an anniversary exhibition in the St. Petersburg museum of a city sculpture in the Peter and Paul Fortress.
In 2009 the model won the first round of the city competition on the monument sketch.


The model “Duet” was created in 2013
36 x 13 inches (920 x 330 mm)
Bronze, patina

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